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We value our customers and look forward to delivering the best. That’s why we take pride in offering and maintaining our high-quality First Aid Supplies and Medical Equipment. Our company ensures reliable and high-standard supplies that lead to significant customer satisfaction.

Experienced Customer Service

We provide an experienced customer service team capable of engaging clients with questions or order requests. Our team will assist clients in selecting from a wide selection of high-quality products that fit medical needs and be most suitable for their day to day treatment of patients.

Competitive Prices

LSE guarantees its wide-range of products at competitive and affordable prices in the medical market. We set out these price points to encourage clients and better facilitate and enable them to accomplish their goals.

About Us

Our company provides the finest first-aid supplies and medical equipment that cater to the needs of healthcare providers. Our team is committed to offering our products at a competitive price with a talented customer service team. Our competitive prices give current and new customers the peace of mind of finding affordable prices while maintaining the highest standard products. LSE takes pride in offering a range of medical supplies such as bandages, medical gloves, CPR mask, trauma dressings, and forceps. We are dedicated to offering premium quality medical first-aid products that deliver the fastest injury healing options to patients associated with excellent customer service. We quickly address any questions or concerns from clients and deliver a prompt delivery service.






We serve our clients to provide First Aid supplies and Medical Equipment that will be best suited to provide the highest quality of first aid care and medical supplies to patients. We accomplish this approach by continuing our dedication and success by delivering high-quality products for healthier lives.


LSE strives to be a reliable and an impactful company dedicated to assisting physicians in improving patient first-aid care solutions. We envision to be a trusted company that offers exceptional products associated with experienced customer service and meet the demands of clients.

Our Products

Plastic Bandages

This product offers a strong and long-lasting used to be a protective dressing for minor or mild cuts and scrapes.


CPR Mask

The CPR mask is used for respiratory and cardiac emergencies as a separating device when performing breathing rescue to a person. This product offers a leakproof seal which adds comfort to the patient.


Trauma Dressing Sterile

This product is highly absorbent and used for emergency and quick first-aid application of burns and fractures.

Cloth Surgical Tape

This tape is latex-free and provides adequate support after applying first-aid treatment and it allows the skin to breathe while healing from injury.


Bandage Shears

This product is made from stainless steel and is strong enough to cut through all types of clothing or seatbelts from accidents. These shears can be treated with heat.


Medical Gloves

Normally used for patient examinations and medical procedures or first-aid treatment. This product is made from a comfortable rubber that has excellent resistance to punctures.


This tool is rather used for minor usage during first-aid treatments.


Bandage rolls dressing

These bandages are made from soft material in the form of rolls that offers fast and first-rate results. It is also a high absorbent dressing that will cover the wound during first-aid treatment and hold the dressing in place.


Scalpel Blade

A one-time use blade used by physicians to examine wounds or skin cuts during first-aid treatment.

Cloth Tape

Soft material and easy to apply around the wound as this product provides reliability and toughness to the skin. It also offers endurance of high-end pressure to dress wounds. 


EMT Scissors

This product is made from a heavy-duty stainless steel material that is suitable for emergency first-aid situations such as cutting clothes, metal form straps. It also gives strong durability and reliability during first-aid treatment.

Gauze Dressing Sponge

This sponge product offers relief and protection. Most suitable use for wound cleansing and removing damaged tissue after first-aid treatment.


Bandage rolls dressing

Soft material in the form of rolls that offers excellent results. It is also a high absorbent dressing that will cover the wound and hold the dressing in its place.

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